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Rome, 19 Mar 2013
Hon'ble Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni arrived in Rome to attend the Celebratory Mass of the New Pope

Hon'ble Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni arrived in Rome to attend the Celebratory Mass of the New Pope to be held in the Vatical City on 19 March 2013. Vatican will witness a huge congregation of Monarchs, Heir to the Monarchs, Heads of States, Vice Heads of States, Prime Ministers, other Ministers and high level dignitaries attending the celebration. This congregation will provide an opportunity for the visiting Foreign Minister to interact with the visiting high level dignitaries from different countries. She will also handover to the new Pope a massage of felicitation from the Hon`ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. After the celebration, the Hon'ble Foreign Minister is also expected to meet the expatriate Bangladesh community and exchange views with them. She is expected to leave Italy on 19 March 2013 in the evening. Foreign Minister is visiting Italy as the Head of delegation of Bangladesh to the celebratory mass of the new Pope.
The papal conclave of 2013 was convened to elect a pope to succeed Benedict XVIfollowing his resignation on 28 February 2013. After the 115 participating cardinal-electors gathered, they set 12 March 2013 as the beginning of the conclave. The next day on 13 March at 19:06 local time, following the fifth ballot, the election of a new pope took place. The conclave elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio, an Argentine cardinal, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, as the new Pope, who himself selected the papal name of Francis. On 11 February 2013, Benedict XVI announced his intention to resign the papacy effective from 28 February 2013. He was the first pope to resign since Gregory XII in 1415, and the first to do so on his own initiative since Celestine V in 1294