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SAARC Corner
Foreign Missions in Dhaka

PostHeaderIcon Foreign Mission

Foreign Missions
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Num Item Title
1 Afghanistan
2 Australian
3 Bhutan
4 Brunei
5 Canada
6 China
7 Delegation of the European Union
8 Denmark
9 Egypt
10 France
11 Germany
12 Holy See (Vatican)
13 India
14 Indonesia
15 Iran
16 Iraq
17 Italy
18 Japan
19 Libya
20 Malaysia
21 Morocco
22 Myanmar
23 Nepal
24 Netherlands
25 Norway
26 Pakistan
27 Palestine
28 Philippines
29 Qatar
30 Republic of Korea
31 Russia
32 Saudi Arabia
33 Singapore
34 Sri Lanka
35 Sri Lanka
36 Sweden
37 Switzerland
38 Thailand
39 The Democratic People's Republic of Korea
40 Turkey
41 United Kingdom
42 United States of America